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German Shepherd Female Needs a Home

I have a client who rescued a German Shepherd female. However, she already has 3 dogs, and a 4th large dog is just too much. Anyone in the San Francisco Bay Area who is interested, please let me know. (Scroll down for pictures.)

Here are the details she sent me.

“I’ve attached 4 photos of Sheila. She’s a small, slender German Shepherd, around 80 pounds. Jim found her in the road by a park where we live. It seems she was dumped there. She was well fed, but her coat looked like she was kept in a kennel. She was also really skittish. By the look of her teats, Sheila has also had a litter, even though she’s only a little over a year old.”

“We’ve had her for nearly a month and in that time she has become less skittish, but is still pretty scared of new situations. She’s young and we think can become confident over time. She’s really improved in the short time here. We’re leash training her and she’s making progress. Overall, Sheila is quite sweet and shows no aggression to humans and gets along with our dogs. She has some separation anxiety and follows me from room to room. This too is getting better. “

“She has all her shots now and just got spayed. Overall, she’s really sweet and pretty smart. She has good energy but isn’t hyperactive. She will need some exercise. She goes around in our back yard and I try to give her a walk daily. At night we keep her in a crate – she goes into it willingly. There’s been some chewing, so we give her toys to work on.”

“Let me know if you need any more information. I will be glad to talk to anyone interested in adopting her to see if there is a good fit for both owner and dog.”

Here are some pictures for you. She seems like such a sweet girl, and would make a great pet for someone who has the time and energy to keep her exercised and will put in some effort to train her further.

If you are interested, simply email me at info@thewoofpack.com.

Sheila on couch

Sheila sitting nicely

Sheila in sunlight
Sheila shaking hands
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