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Feline Urine Marking

I’ve written about inappropriate feline marking in previous articles.

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I still get a lot of questions on feline urine marking and inappropriate potty. I just found another article on the matter.


What is Feline Urine Marking?

I’ve talked before that you always need to start with a checkup from your vet. You need to rule out a medical issue first and foremost. It’s no use to try to stop an unwanted behavior if your cat can’t help it because of some urinary tract infection, or other medical issue.

Felines may mark due to stray cats hanging around outside your home, or they may mark due to stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety can come from a change in litter, a change in food, a change in location, introduction of a new pet family member, or even a new human baby coming into the household.

You can identify the causes and fix those issues, but if you cannot identify why your cat may be marking, you can also try a calming spray or diffuser.

If your male cat is not neutered, by neutering male cats, this takes care of 90% of inappropriate marking by male felines.

Go to the original article to read more about Feline Urine Marking.


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