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Cat Litter Box Mess: Reader Feedback

In one of my newsletter stories, I addressed the subject of cat litter mess. To read the story, click the link.

One of our readers, J. Di Giacomo, wrote in with a couple of tips on how to contain the litter mess and odor. She also had a question about why a cat would poop outside the box.

“They [make] special mats to track or retain the loose litter so it doesn’t get everywhere [when the cat walks out of the litter box]. I myself have a small tray just outside the litter box that they step onto after using it and that seems to catch about 95% of the litter. The rest, I sweep up.”

Soft-Touch Track Mat

“As for the odor, I tried many litters and found Ever Clean Extra Strength Carbon Plus formula to work the
best. I have four cats. I [also use] a special formulated baking powder [from] Target for cat litter. I sprinkle that in the litter and that seems to do the trick.”

Ever Clean EverFresh Unscented Clumping Cat Litter with Activated Charcoal

“However, she doesn’t always use the litter box. Sometimes she poops [outside the box] on the floor. Do you know why she does this? Thanks!”

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