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Dog Training is Not Yanking the Leash, it’s Commands

How many times are you out with your dog on the leash, and you find yourself just yanking on the leash when you want your dog to do something, or to stop doing something? Maybe, you might say something like “Hey!” or “What are you doing?” or something along those lines. Maybe there are some expletives in there too.

It seems that people have forgotten to talk to their dogs. If your dog has not been through obedience training, then now is the time to start your dog training. But, if your dog has been trained, and if you think your dog isn’t behaving as well as you think they should, then I want you to try something.

The next time you have your dog on the leash, try to remember your dog training. When you want your dog to leave somthing alone, give the command “Leave it!” When you want your dog to wait and sit at the corner, tell them to “Wait” and then tell them to “Sit.” Your exact commands that your dog learned may be different, so use those commands that you taught them.

I just bet that your dog remembers these commands. They may not perform them perfectly, but I bet they do pretty well with them. Don’t forget to praise your dog too. You see, they remember those commands, but it seems most people forget to use them over the months and years they have their dogs.

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When you get into the habit of not giving commands to your dog, then you find yourself just yanking on the leash whenever you want them to do something. This constant tugging on the leash will get old over time, and you will not enjoy your dog as much as you used to. You will probably begin to think that your dog is misbehaving.

Your dog doesn’t know what you want when you just tug on the leash. They need you to tell them what you want. And you tell them through commands. This is why you learned them, along with your dog. Begin using those commands again, and your dog will probably begin to listen to you.

You may still have to give a little correction with the leash, but you should do this after you give the command. This type of correction shouldn’t be drastic. If you learned clicker training, then you should always have the clicker with you. You should have treats with you for a reward, and you should give your dog lots of praise for a job well done. You should also give yourself praise for a job well done.

Get back to using your commands and using your dog training methods, and you will find that dealing with your dog on the leash is much easier, and you will feel better about your dog again, like it should be.

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