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Top 10 Situations Requiring Immediate Veterinary Care

If these situations arise in your dog or cat, you must immediately get them to your veterinarian for further evaluation and care. These are very serious. Remember these, or better yet write them down and carry them with you so you will always have them for reference so you know how serious they are.

Some are obvious, but some you may feel like waiting on. Please, do not wait because it could not turn out well.

1. Trauma: Head, Chest, or Abdomen

2. Seizure: Prolonged or First Time

3. Arterial Bleeding

4. Fractures

5. Poisoning

6. Shock

7. Respiratory Distress

8. Inability to Walk

9. Bloat

10. Unconciousness

Immediate veterinary care can help to save your pet’s life in these situations.

Reference: Pet First Aid and Care Handbook
Author Thom Somes
Pet Tech, Pet First Aid Training Center

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  • Pet Care August 19, 2010, 5:09 am

    Yes these are the warning signs that require immediate pet vaccinations and preventive care. Regular physical examination is an absolute must for the maintaining the optimal health of your pets.

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