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Pet First Aid Kit Contents

Pet owners¬†never want to think that anything could happen to our pets. We are sure that nothing ever will, and that we don’t need to worry about it, or if anything does happen, that we can just rush them to the vet’s office and they can take care of our beloved animals.

Well, as a professional pet sitter, we need to be prepared for anything that can happen. Remember, you will not always be near a vehicle to transport your pet right away and you may not be able to get them to a vet safely if they have not had pet first aid administered first.

Admininstering pet first aid will give your pet a better chance at coming through an incident than a pet that has not had first aid before transport to your veterianarian.

You need to have a pet first aid kit with you at all times in your home, and whenever you go anywhere with your animals. You never know what may happen.

Pet First Aid Kit Contents

Dressings & Bandages

1. Adhesive Tape (1 inch roll)
2. Guaze pads (3 or 4 inch squares)
3. Guaze rolls (2 inch for small dogs, 3 inch for big dogs)
4. Triangular bandages
5. Individually wrapped Sanitary Napkins


1. Digital Thermometer (check battery twice a year)
2. Scissors (blunt end)
3. Tweezers
4. Eye Dropper
5. Syringe (12cc with needle removed)

Ointments, Disinfectants & Medications

1. Antihistamine (gel caps in blister pack, poke hole with safety
pin and squirt into pet’s mouth)
2. Antibiotic (triple) (ex. Neosporin)
3. Hydrogen Peroxide (3%)
4. Mercurochrome
5. Vinegar or Baking Soda (for neutralizing burns caused by acid)
6. Activated Charcoal (for absorbing poisons)
7. Petroleum Jelly (lubricant for thermometer)
8. Kaopectate
9. Chemical Ice Pack

Misc. Equipment and Supplies

1. Small Flashlight
2. Needle Nose Pliers
3. Q-tips
4. Betadine Solution
5. Razor Blades
6. Extra Leash and Collar
7. Muzzle
8. Plastic Bags (for clean up or samples)
9. Permanent Marking Pen
10. Towel or Blanket (big enough to use for transport)
11. Latex, Nitrile or Rubber Gloves
12. Photo of You with Your Pet

You can fit the basics in a fanny pack and carry it with you whenever you take your dog for a walk. The larger items can be a part of your vehicle pet first aid kit, and your home pet first aid kit.

You should also take a Pet First Aid and CPR class so you know exactly what to do in a situation, and how to properly use your first aid kit. The Woof Pack offers local training and certification. Go to https://thewoofpack.com to check for the training schedule.

If you are not in the local area, go to http://www.pettech.net to find a Pet First Aid Trainer in your area.

Reference: Pet First Aid and Care Handbook
Author Thom Somes
Pet Tech, Pet First Aid Training Center

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