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Your Dog Still Needs Exercise When It’s Wet and Rainy

Sometimes there’s nothing more relaxing than to snuggle up on the couch with a good book on a damp and dreary day. And I’m sure your dog would love nothing more than to curl up next to you to keep you company.That would be a fine thing to do on a rainy day, but remember that at some point, you’ll have to rouse yourselves and get out there for your daily dog walk.

If you’re like me, you don’t particularly like the idea of stomping around out in the rain, but it’s one of those things I just accept as a dog owner. Big or small, young or old, all dogs need daily exercise. A good amount of exercise means 30 to 40 minutes or walking at least one mile. If you can accommodate several 20-minute walks everyday, that would be fine, but a good 45 minute walk is ideal.

If you’re willing to brave the weather, consider a raincoat made especially for dogs.But, if going out in the rain is just not something you’re willing to do, how about some indoor alternatives?

  • One of the easiest ways to deal with the rain is to just walk your dog around and around inside your house. Clip on that leash and make a circuit throughout your house.
  • If you happen to own a treadmill, you might want to teach your dog how to walk on it.

I just saw an episode of “Dog Whisperer” on the National Geographic Channel where Cesar Milan got a dog to start walking on the treadmill. He just put the leash on the dog, led him to the treadmill, had him first just step onto it, then eventually turned on the machine (at a very low speed to start). Cesar was straddling the moving part of the treadmill while the dog started walking just beneath him. After a bit of zigzagging,the dog got the hang of it, and just started trotting along.

There are even treadmills made especially for dogs. Hop online and you’re sure to find one of these products for sale. There are also video clips of dogs walking on treadmills so you can see how it all works.

  • You can also play games with your dog, such as fetch. You do have to be careful with games because they can tend to make dogs a bit too excited. So, you might want to consider games that require more mental exercise such as hide and seek with a favorite toy or treat.

Exercising your dog is not only for his/her physical health, but also for his/her overall well-being. A well-exercised dog is less likely to have behavioral issues such as separation anxiety, excessive barking, digging, and chewing.

Also, please note that just leaving your dog out in a big yard in good weather doesn’t mean he/she is getting proper exercise. Dogs don’t tend to exercise on their own. You have to take charge of that part of your dog’s life to ensure that they get plenty of exercise every single day.



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