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Has Your Pet Been Skunked? How to Get Rid of Skunk Odor

Let me tell you about my dog Storm. In the mornings, he gets to go outside to the backyard while I am out doing pet sitting jobs. We have a nice big back yard, and it’s usually just a few hours, but he loves watching the squirrels in the trees. Then I get back home and we spend the rest of the day together, where he gets to go with me just about everywhere that I go.

One morning I came home, and when I opened the door to come into the house, I knew what I smelled and I just knew what had happened. A skunk had found its way into the backyard and encountered Storm. I was dreading what he would smell like. I was hoping that maybe he did not get sprayed, and that the skunk just released its odor and ran.

Well, I opened the door to the garage, and in came Storm smelling like a skunk. The garage smelled worse than the house, so I hope the skunk did not walk into the garage and surprise Storm. I got him out of the house and confined him to the outside.

Does this story sound familiar? Or maybe your dog met a skunk on a trail when you were out hiking? Or maybe your cat came home stinking of skunk? Well, what did you do? Or, if this has never happened to you, what would you do if it did?

You may have all heard about getting rid of skunk odor by bathing them in tomato sauce. Do you have a white coated pet? Tomato sauce will turn your white pet pink. And, from my research this solution does not work. Tomato sauce will break down the smell a little bit, but is not very effective.

There are better ways to get rid of the odor.

For Storm, I used a commercial product. I used Nature’s Miracle Skunk Remover which has gotten good reviews. There are also other commercially made skunk odor removers out there that you can try. Anyway, I used the Nature’s Miracle because a friend of mine had her two dogs sprayed a while back, and she used it on them. I was able to smell her dogs soon after she used it, and you could not smell the skunk on them anymore.

The directions for use are to liberally soak the dog with the product, and let it air dry. For the face, you need to soak a rag and wipe the face, taking care to keep it from running into the eyes, ears, and mouth. After the product dries, you need to re-apply as needed.

Well, Storm has long wiry hair, and I had to apply the stuff three times before the odor was barely detectable. Then, after his regular bath, he no longer has any skunk odor at all.

These commercial odor removers work by using natural enzymes to chemically break down the components that cause odor. You do not want to use anything before using the odor remover, because the perfumes in other products just mask the odor, and they also lock in the odor, which makes it even more difficult to remove.

If you want to save a little money, there is a homemade recipe that is supposed to work great. I have not personally tried it, but I have heard many people use this with great results.

Caution! Do not save any leftover solution, and do not store in a container with a lid. It can explode. Mix only what you need, and discard the rest.

You can use the following household ingredients:

1/4 cup baking soda
1 teaspoon dish soap
1 quart 3% hydrogen peroxide solution

You can mix larger batches if needed. Use it immediately after mixing, since it loses its strength quickly. You may want to use rubber gloves to protect your hands, and place cotton in your pets ears to protect them. Apply the solution liberally and directly to your dry pet. Do not wet them down. Rub the solution in to make sure you get all the hair completely soaked. Use a cloth to wipe the entire face down.

There will be some fizzing as the solution does its magic. You need to leave the solution on for about 20 minutes, then completely rinse the solution from your pet’s coat. Towel dry them, and allow them to dry completely. If, after the first application the odor is gone, then you can bathe them as normal. If they still smell like skunk, then you need to repeat the process until the skunk odor is gone before bathing them.

Feel free to tell us your story of a pet that got sprayed by a skunk, how you dealt with the odor, and how it worked.

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