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Effects of Tobacco Smoke on Your Pets

Do you smoke around your pets? With all the health risks we have learned about with second-hand smoke, most people don’t smoke around their children any more. Well, pets are living, breathing beings, just like children, so do you smoke around your pets? I also found a study of cancer of the nasal cavity in pet dogs exposed to tobacco smoke.

The same negative affects of second-hand smoke also applies to your beloved pets. Not only that, but the smoke settles into the animal’s fur, and when they lick themselves they ingest even more toxins from tobacco smoke.

Tufts University determined in a study that pets exposed to second-hand smoke for five years or more had triple the threat of developing lymphoma than pets not exposed to smoke.

You can find the study in the American Journal of Epidemiology. Click on the link for smoke and lymphoma in pet cats.

Click on each of the links above to read the papers. Now, these are scientific papers, and they can be difficult to read. But, if you read the abstract at the beginning, and the discussion at the end, you will be able to understand the findings and results.

So, do you smoke around your pets, or know someone who does? Read these articles, or pass them along. Let me know what you think.

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