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Catch Lumps on Your Pets Early

I just took my dog Storm in to see the vet today. He was due for his annual Wellness exam. It’s the usual deal where the doctor checks the weight, heart rate, temperature, etc. We go over any changes we may have noticed in him and talk about how he is doing. Storm is in great shape for an 11 year old large dog, by the way.

Well, you may know that as our pets age, a lot of times they develop these fatty little bumps underneath the skin. Storm has had them for a while, and they have always been fatty deposits. If you don’t know, they usually feel soft and squishy, kind of like gelatin. We had noticed recently that he has a few more lumps that actually feel harder. This had us concerned that they may be something else, namely cancer.

We had the doctor take samples of them during the check-up, and she examined them under the microscope. All is well. They too are just fatty deposits. The reason they feel harder, the vet said, is that they may be underneath some muscle, which will make them feel harder than a fatty deposit that is just under the skin.

This is a very simple process your vet can perform. If you want to know what those lumps are, simply have your vet perform this. If it’s nothing, then you will know. If they do see something, they will need to do more tests.

We are very relieved. The moral of this little episode is that you should always be running your hands over your pet’s body. It doesn’t have to be in a clinical sense,  but whenever you are petting your dog or cat, spend some extra time and really run your hands over their entire body and see if you notice anything different. If you do notice any lumps, bumps, or anything else that was not there before, you should check with your vet so they can determine what it is. It may be nothing, but it could be something.

This is just a quick and simple way to catch something early on so your vet can take any necessary actions to care for your pets. And, if those lumps turn out to be just fatty tissue, then you know and you now have a basis of what is normal on your pet. Then, as you keep checking your pet over time, you can find something new that was not there before. Cancer seems to be more common in pets these days, and if you can catch it early, your pets can still live a long life.

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