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Containing the Litter Mess

One of the trade-offs of enjoying the companionship of cats is the mess they tend to leave when using a litter box. It’s great that they can be trained to go in one spot instead of wherever they want in the house, but it can sometimes become frustrating to see loose litter here and there, tracked out of the box, or even kicked out of the box by your cat overzealously trying to cover their waste.

One of my clients decided that she was willing to lose one bathroom to her two cats to avoid constantly seeing and smelling the mess. Of course, this will only work for those who have enough bathrooms in their houses to sacrifice one. My client has two-and-a-half bathrooms in her home and she always kept the litter box in the downstairs half-bathroom.

One day, she and her husband got so tired of the litter mess that they bought a little cat door and installed it on the bathroom door and kept the door closed permanently. They struggled for a while trying to get one of their cats to use the door. For some reason, he was totally resistant to pushing the little swinging door open with his head. They finally gave up on that and just removed the swinging door.

After the small swinging door was gone, both cats were fine with going through the small opening to use the litter. Although they didn’t think it would make such a big difference, they were pleasantly surprised at how much it helped with the scattered loose litter and odor problem. And to combat the odor problem even more, they bought a motion-sensing air freshener that spritzes the air after the cats use the litter.

So far, the modification has worked well and she says the loss of the bathroom to the cats and cutting a hole in the door was definitely worth it. There’s still a mess to clean, but at least it’s contained better in the bathroom and not tracked out into the rest of the house.

Well, I don’t have a separate room just for our litter box, but we do control the odor by using a Litter Locker. This keeps the odor down a lot, and it is easy to dispose of the litter when the wheel gets full.

If you have any tips or strategies to combat litter messes, write to us and share your story!

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