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Pet Health Insurance Tips

This article is taken from the Pet Preparedness Guide, written by Thom Somes, “The Pet Safety Guy.”


Knowing the important skills of first aid and care and being prepared for accidents, injuries, and illnesses are part of responsible pet ownership. Unfortunately, medical emergencies can make caring for our beloved pets a financial decision. Many of the numerous life saving medical procedures available for pets are not affordable for the average owner. Pet Health Insurance can make the difference in caring for your beloved companion.

Listed below are some important questions to ask about Pet Health Insurance.

  1. Can you use the Veterinarian of your choice?
  2. How are claims filed? Who is reimbursed, the pet owner or the veterinarian?
  3. Are routine exams, shots, medications, surgeries, x-rays, lab tests, emergency care and accidents covered?
  4. What specifically is NOT covered?
  5. Are there any exclusions associated with breed or age?
  6. What are the co-pays for office visits, medications?
  7. What, if any, is the deductible?
  8. What is the maximum benefit payable during the policy period?
  9. What is the maximum payable per one injury or illness?
  10. As your pet ages, do the premiums increase, or the policy benefits diminish in any way?
  11. How long has the company been in business?
  12. What is the policy for preexisting conditions?

Knowing Your Pet’s Health, Pet Preparedness Guide

Thom Somes, “The Pet Safety Guy” is an internationally renowned speaker, author, and professional trainer. He is the founder and president of Pet Tech Inc., the first national training center dedicated to Pet First Aid and Care for dogs and cats. Pet Tech’s programs are the official Pet First Aid Training for Pet Sitters International and pet first aid information in PSI’s Accreditation Program was developed by Pet Tech.

Pet Tech, P.O. Box 2285, Carlsbad, CA 92018, (760) 930-0309, www.pettech.net, info@pettech.net


Now there are several pet health insurance companies out there offering coverage. They each have different answers to the above questions, so it is your duty to find out what is best for you and your pets. What works for one person, may not be the best insurance coverage for another person’s pets. There are also pet health care/wellness programs out there that are not insurance, but a savings program, which is an alternative to pet insurance.

It does take some work to figure out, but if you are serious about having health coverage for your pet, the time you spend doing research will be well worth it when the need arises, and you know you have the right coverage.

Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) is the oldest and most well known pet insurance company.

PetsHealth Care Plan

Pet Care Pet Insurance

Pet Plan Insurance

The AKC Pet Healthcare Plan

There are many more companies out there, so think about what may be best for you and your pets. After interviewing a few plans, you will get an idea for what is best for you and allow you to make an informed decision.

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