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Are You a Camper With Dogs? Here is a Camping Tip From One of Our Clients

Do you like to camp and always take your dog(s) with you? I love to go camping, and my dog Storm always goes with us (Storm goes virtually everywhere with us). One of our dog walking clients wrote in with this great tip for when you take your dogs camping with you.

Viki of Fremont has a Lab/Shepherd mix named Lacey, and a Chihuahau named Caesar.

She writes:

“As you know, we are avid campers, always taking Caesar and Lacey. Many years ago I came up with this idea, which we have shared with many other campers. In my camping equipment, I keep pre-cut triangles of solid or light print fabric and a marking pen. Upon check-in to our site, I pull out the proper size “triangle” and write our dog’s name and our campsite number. Then I dress our babies in their new attire.

Not only has it become tradition – the dogs are always excited to get their new scarf – but it provides a little self assurance for me and a great way to make acquaintences. Everyone thinks it is such a good idea that I keep various sizes to share with newly made friends made along the way. As usual-thanks for a great job and try to keep cool.

P.S. The pre-cut triangles are scarves to fit her different sized dogs. I just wanted to clarify this.


Thanks Viki. This is a great tip for keeping your dogs safe in the event that they wander off while camping. Anyone finding your wandering pup can easily see what your dog’s name is and where they belong, and can be returned quickly. The scarves are not only funtional, but they look cool too. And, as she said, it is a great way to spark conversation and to meet new friends (two-legged and four-legged, of course).

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