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Tip to Clean Your Carpets of Pet Hair

As a pet sitter, I take care of many different types of animals with different hair types. At our home, we have to vacuum frequently with two cats and a dog, but their hair is not too bad. I have taken care of pets that leave their hair everywhere in as little as a day.

Simply vacuuming up the hair doesn’t always get it all. You really need to pick up as much hair as possible before you vacuum. And, I have found that the sticky pet hair rollers don’t always do the trick to pick up the hair before vacuuming either. What seems to work well is to use a wet cloth to wipe the areas where hair has accumulated most. The hair balls up and sticks to the cloth which you just shake out and wash. Do not use paper towel, as this will not do the trick.

Any more tricks and tips you have? Please leave your comments.

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