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8 Easy Steps to Ruining Your Dog

Follow these rules, and you are certain to ruin your dog. When you read these,make sure you understand that you need to think about what the opposite of these would be, and how to properly interact with your dog, and how to properly train your dog, socialize him, and lead your dog.

1. Isolate him. Make sure he thinks the world is a strange place.

2. Soothe him whenever he is frightened. Tell him it’s okay and stroke him gently.

3. Allow him to growl. Tell yourself “It’s OK. He doesn’t really mean it.”

4. When he struggles to get out of your grasp, let him go. This teaches him that you have no control.

5. Hold the leash tight every time something frightening happens. Even better, say “Uh-oh” as you pull the lead tight.

6. Never let him play with other dogs.

7. Don’t neuter him.

8. Leave him with children unsupervised. Allow children to harass him because he is such a good dog.

Remember, read the title of this article again, and re-read these. Make sure you are not doing these, and start doing the opposite.

“Good Owners, Great Dogs,” Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson

Warner Books, 1999

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