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Your Dog Has Diarrhea, What to Do About It?

I have been talking about my dog Storm a lot lately. Today, he has a bad belly and has diarrhea and has thrown up. If you have a dog, you have undoubtedly been through this. So, what do you do about it?

In any case, it is always best to consult your vet, especially if you are not sure about what to do or what is wrong with your dog. In my case, my dog was up at the ranch with us yesterday. He loves going to see the horses and running around. We try to keep an eye on him, but he likes to eat grass, horse poop, and if he can find it, horse hoof clippings.

He will graze grass along side the horses, and he will eat horse poop as he comes across it. He only prefers the dried up stuff, not the fresh stuff. We let him eat the grass, but we try to keep him from eating too much horse poop. When he gets hold of horse hoof clippings, as long as he only eats the small chips, he is alright. If he eats a large piece, he usually does not chew it well enough and it will cause him to throw it up the next day, or he will have diarrhea.

Well, we did not see any hoof in his bowel movements, so he must have gotten into something else. He may have even gotten hold of something else that we don’t know about. But, we have been through this before.

So, once we saw that our dog had diarrhea, here is what we do. We make sure to take him out when he tells us he needs to go out. He will nudge us and go to the door. You need to see if there is anything in his poop that raises a flag for you. A lot of times you will be able to see what is causing the diarrhea in your dog’s poop.

After your dog has many bowel movements, you may notice a little blood in his stool. This does not always mean there is a major problem. After many bowel movements, his insides will be irritated and may slough off some blood. If there are just traces of blood this usually means his bowels are just irritated. If there is a lot of blood, then you should be concerned and take him in to the vet.

You should also look at your dog’s attitude. If he is still alert and energetic, then he probably just has an upset stomach. If your dog is really down and lethargic, then there may be more of a problem. Of course all dogs are different and all dogs act differently when they are not feeling good, just like humans.

Make sure your dog is still drinking water. When he is losing a lot of fluids with diarrhea, he will need to replenish his body by drinking plenty of water. Make sure he always has fresh, clean water and observe that he is drinking enough. You can check to make sure he is not getting dehydrated by doing a pinch test. Take a pinch of skin on his side, and make sure that it springs back within a second. If his skin does not rebound and just sits there in the pinch form, then check other areas too, just to make sure. If his skin does not rebound, then he is dehydrated and you should take him to the vet to get hydrated.

One more thing. If your dog has diarrhea and/or is vomiting, then you do not want to keep feeding him. I like to fast my dog until he stops with the diarrhea. This could be six hours to eight hours. Once the majority of his diarrhea is subsiding, you can feed him plain white rice, or plain pumpkin. Just make sure you get plain pumpkin. Do not get any type of pumpkin pie mix, or any other pumpkin with any sugar or anything else added. You can also add some hamburger meat to the rice. Make sure it is lean meat, and drain all fat.

This usually does the trick, and his stools should return to normal the next day. Once he is back to normal you can resume your regular dog food.

Your dog’s attitude and staying hydrated are important guages to your dog’s health when he has diarrhea or is vomiting. Also, if the problem persists, then you want to take your dog into the vet. In any case, you should call your vet for guidance.

Have any more ideas? Tell us about them.

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