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Why Pets Are So Fun: A Showdown Between My Dog, a Cat, and a Squirrel

I was out with my dog Storm yesterday, and a very funny thing happened to us. One of the best things about having pets is the pleasure we get out of them. They are fun to watch, fun to play with, fun to read their expressions, and they seem to get into situations that just make you laugh.

Storm just loves looking for squirrels. He always has since he was a puppy. He grew up in a condo, but he would always look for squirrels on our walks. When we moved into a house, the squirrels would run along the fence, and in the trees. Our dog Storm would run along the fence and keep them in the trees. I am sure it was a planned game between the squirrels and Storm.

Well, on our walk, Storm saw a squirrel on the ground just on the edge of the bushes. The squirrel was digging around in the dirt and didn’t even notice us. Storm was in stalking mode and was getting closer to the squirrel. Well, the squirrel didn’t notice us, and apparently didn’t notice anything else either. I say this because as we got closer a black cat jumped out of the bushes to pounce on the squirrel. I didn’t know there was a cat in the bushes, and I am sure neither my dog nor the squirrel knew either.

The cat jumped out and the squirrel jumped. My dog Storm was startled, then all three stopped and froze. It was a standoff. The cat arched his back up, the squirrel stood there twitching its tail, and Storm stood there watching both of them. The squirrel ran towards my dog, then back towards the cat. It did that a couple of times until finally the squirrel ran along the bushes and got away.

The cat and my dog still stood there. I think they both didn’t know what to think of what had just happened. Storm slowly started walking towards the cat and it took off. Meanwhile, I had a great big smile on my face. We have had many funny things happen to us, but this was just too funny. I hope I did this story justice, but you should have seen it.

Having pets has been proven that it can lower your blood pressure and help reduce stress. Any pet owner can testify to this. I have a dog, two cats, and two horses, and I thoroughly enjoy spending time with them.

Tell everyone about your fun and funny moments with your pets. I know you all have your stories.

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