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I Want to Take My Cat for a Walk

One of our cats is a very adventurous boy, and he always likes to try to get out the door. He has on occasion, but doesn’t go far. Since he seems to want to go outside so badly, we have thought about getting a leash and harness for him and taking him out for a walk, most likely with our dog.

We are wondering if anyone else walks their cats. We have seen cats being walked on leash, but we just have not tried it yet. We would want to make sure he is secure, and we want to make sure he does not injure himself.

We worry that if we are walking our cat and come across a dog what he would do. If we pick him up will he go crazy on us? If you do walk, or have walked your cat, please comment on your experiences so we have an idea of what to expect, and what precautions we can take.

In all my years as a catsitter, I have never been asked to walk a cat on a leash.

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