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Tips for Potty Training a Puppy if You Work All Day

If you work all day and have a puppy at home, your potty training will take a lot longer than if you had the time to spend with your new puppy. Being realistic, most people work during the day and cannot spend the time during the day to potty train their new dog.

Some people do come home at lunch to get their new dog out for potty, and this is commendable. But, that adds a lot of stress, and if you get stuck at work, you could have an accident waiting for you at home. A dogwalker would be able to help get your dog out during the day.

I preach crate training to my clients for potty training their new puppy. Dogs will not eliminate in their crate, as long as the crate is not too big for them, because they consider it their den.

However, if you do not get them out on time, they could still have an accident. The thing to remember is that a puppy can only hold their potty one hour for each month of age, up to the age of six to eight months of age.

You can do a few things to help you and your new dog. Adjust your schedule to get up earlier so you can get your dog out in the morning and make sure they do their potty. Allow for time just before you go to bed to make sure they do their potty as well.

You may also choose a safe area to confine your dog if you can’t crate train. The kitchen, laundry room, or bathroom are all great places because of tile flooring. Put the dog crate inside the area, toys, and fresh water and block it off with a doggie gate that they cannot jump over.

Spread newspaper in a far corner, away from everything else so they can eliminate if they absolutely have to. This is an alternative, but you will still need to work on proper potty training for your dog. The best thing to do if you cannot spend the proper time during the day to get your puppy out for potty is to hire a professional dog walker.

They can feed your puppy lunch and get them out to do potty shortly after. A dogwalker is a great resource for you to help you properly potty train your new dog. Of course, if you live in the San Francisco East Bay, you could always call on The Woof Pack.

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  • viane March 19, 2013, 6:11 pm

    how and when can the puppy stop going to the bathroom in the house and how can u transit them from the den to a regular areas of the house? wont they want to go in the house still? how do they get trained to hold it all day?

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