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What Cat Grooming Disasters Have You Had?

Today I had to take our long haired cat to our groomer so she could shave our cat’s bottom. Our kitty sometimes gets poop stuck in her fur back there when she does her business, and she will bring it out with her after she uses the litter box, where it will fall on the floor somewhere. Very gross. It only happens occasionally, but once is enough.

Well, I brought her in, and my groomer was doing a great job. She was moving quickly and it didn’t take any time at all to clip my cat’s nails and then move on to giving her a sanitary hair trimming. She clipped some hair off, and then she paused to ask me how much I wanted taken off. I guess this little pause was like a window of opportunity for our cat to suddenly go crazy. Boy, did she ever!

She actually almost hung herself, but our groomer unclipped her and our cat was free. She scampered around and then latched onto our groomer’s leg, then bit down. Our groomer screamed in pain and our cat let go. She was traumatized, and she had also sprayed, making her a smelly mess.

Our groomer couldn’t do anything else with her in that state. Next time we will need to sedate our cat. Well, now I had a smelly cat to take home. When we got home, I let her out of the cat kennel and our other cat came over to investigate. I don’t know what the deal was, but it seemed like he didn’t recognize her smell or something because he started attacking her.

I had to keep them from fighting with each other. My dog also got in on the action which made matters worse. I was running late for a meeting so I ended up having to separate them and I had to go. My mind was worried about our cat the whole time I was gone. I quickly got back home and now I had to bathe our cat. The same cat who was a mad kitty just a few hours before.

Well, I did get the bath done, but not without some grief. When you have, or work with animals, you just never know what can happen. I have several stories, but I want to know what kinds of horror stories you have. Please comment and let everyone know.

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