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4 Tips to Help With Your Pet’s Dry Skin

I am sure you know that when the temperatures get colder and there is low humidity, that our skin gets drier. It’s something that us humans have to deal with every winter. Add to that the artificial heat we use to warm our homes, places of work, and our vehicles.

This all spells out dry skin.Well, our pets suffer too. You may have noticed that in the winter months your pets seem to scratch more often. They are suffering from the same dry skin that we are.

Here are some tips to help your pets.

  1. Decrease the frequency of bathing your pet. Every time you bath your pet you are washing away the oils on their coat which help keep their skin from drying out.
  2. Brush your pet more often. Brushing your pet’s coat helps to stimulate the production of your pet’s natural body oils.
  3. Massage your pet. Just like brushing your pet’s coat, massaging them also helps to produce the natural oils your pet needs on it’s skin and coat.
  4. Try to cut down on the artificial heat. I know this is difficult to do in some places because it gets really cold, (it’s been close to 70 degrees here in Fremont the past week, although close to freezing at night) but if you can reduce the drying effects of artificial heat, this should help keep your pet’s skin from drying out so much.

If anyone has any other thoughts or comments, please leave them so our readers can benefit.

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