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One Great Reason to Secure Your Dog in Your Vehicle

This morning I was out on the road very early. I was on my way to the airport to pick up a family member. When I say early, I mean early. I hit the road at 3:45 AM. There was hardly anyone on the road, but I was coming up on an SUV ahead of me when they

suddenly veered to the right. At first, I thought they were pulling over to the shoulder. But, they didn’t slow down or stop at the shoulder.

The vehicle went off the road and hit the gravel. The SUV then swerved quickly to the left, but they overcorrected and the vehicle came back onto the freeway too fast, and it started to skid sideways, until it flipped over onto its roof right in front of me!

I hit my brakes quickly as the SUV slid to a stop on its roof. I was in no real danger of hitting the vehicle, thankfully. Amazingly, just as I stopped my car, turned on the hazards, and began to get out of my car, the driver of the SUV was climbing out of the passenger side of the upside down vehicle. He ran back around to the driver’s side, frantic. I asked him if he was okay, and he acted like he was trying to save someone else in the vehicle.

His face and hands were bleeding, but his first words out of his mouth were, “I need to get my dog out!” It was not a person stuck in the SUV, it was his dog. I looked and he had a puppy  inside. I made sure again that he was alright, and he said he was and that he had fallen asleep at the wheel. This was at 4:05 AM. Several other people had stopped and checked to make sure he was alright and that there were no other people in his vehicle.

This man loved his puppy. I could plainly see this. I helped him get the dog out and he apologized to the dog and hugged him. He seemed to calm down after we got his puppy out and he thanked God that his dog was okay.

This was a pretty horrific accident to witness, as I have never seen anything like this happen before in the 25 years I have been driving. I was surprised the man was okay with just superficial cuts. He was lucky. And so was the dog.

How was the puppy okay, you ask? Because the man had his puppy in his hard crate. This probably saved the dog’s life. Please, please always secure your dog in a crate, or have him in a harness and latched in with the seatbelt when you have your dog in

your vehicle. You never know when you could be in an accident, and once you are you have no control on the outcome. I hate to think what would have happened to the dog if he was loose in the vehicle.

I know you love your dog. Make sure he is protected too.

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