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An Example of an Irresponsible Pet Owner and How NOT to Treat your Dog

When you are out walking dogs as much as I am, you see and experience a lot of things that a normal pet owner might not experience when they just walk their own dog. I was out with a client’s dog the other day on our mid-day dog walk, and on our way back to the house, I saw a loose dog in the distance. Well, not knowing the dog, I took a right about a block before where the loose dog was.

We cut across several blocks, but we still had to come out on the same street where the loose dog was seen. I thought we would easily bypass the dog, and I actually thought the dog belonged to the house where I saw it sniffing around, but was just ‘out in the yard.’ Well, we came out on the same street, and we saw a little Chihuahua out loose on the right.  I was looking at that dog, crossing the street, and the other dog came up from behind us.
Luckily, this was a friendly dog, and my client’s dog just wanted to play and have fun with this dog. I had to restrain my client’s dog and keep the other dog away from us. He eventually walked ahead of us, and I could see that he was not fixed. He was still intact. This was a clue. He was a young dog, and he was having a good time out roaming around.
The dog did have a collar on, but no tags whatsoever.
Well, the dog came back, and I had to keep calming my client’s dog down and trying to keep the other dog away. There was a woman outside working on her yard, and I asked if he was her dog. She had never seen the dog before.
Well, a few minutes more and a car came around the corner, and the passenger started yelling at the dog right away. Obviously he was the owner. I recognized this guy, but I will get to him in a moment. He started yelling at the dog, I mean really yelling at him to “Go Home!”
Then, he switched his command to “Get in the Car!” After a few moments the dog did get in the car. The guy really started yelling at the dog again inside the car, telling the dog “Bad Dog, Bad Dog,” and a few more words I can’t repeat.
I was shaking my head because the dog was not a bad dog.
He was a young dog, and very friendly. He was a Golden Retriever, a very friendly breed. So, let me summarize this story, and point out why the OWNER is irresponsible and a bad owner, and why the dog is a Good Dog, but is just in a BAD situation.
First, the dog was intact. He was not neutered. A non-neutered dog is much more likely to roam than a dog who has been neutered. Also, the dog is friendly, a very good trait to have as a companion dog. The owner, however, I recognized from a previous walk in the same area a few months earlier, and he was looking for his dog at that time too. Do you see a pattern? He has an intact, young male dog who has a knack for getting out, one way or another.
Obviously, it is the dog owner’s responsibility to prevent that from happening. From the short time I interacted with the dog, I don’t think he has gotten much training. Do you think that would help? Of course it would. And, by the time the owner caught up with the dog, the dog has no idea why the owner would be yelling at him. For all the dog
knows, he was just out walking around, and suddenly he is getting yelled at for it. And, when the dog did come to the owner and get in the car, all he got was a big dose of getting yelled at again. 
Now, let’s look at this. The owner calls the dog and tells him to get into the car. The dog obeys and comes and gets into the car. Then he gets yelled at. In the dog’s frame of mind, he thinks he is getting punished for listening to his owner to come and get into the car. What do you think will happen when the owner calls his dog again? The dog has the experience that, when the owner calls him, and he goes to the owner, that he will get punished.

Do you think the dog will obey his owner when he calls him again? The dog may think twice, and may not come when called. And of course, the owner will just get more angry at the dog and just take out the anger on the dog. Any training will go out the window, if the dog has had any.

I didn’t see the owner hit the dog, but who knows what goes on behind closed doors. Anyway, I hope I made my point in this story. Yes, the dog got out, but who is responsible to make sure that does not happen? The owner. The dog listened to his owner, and then got punished for it. 
Please don’t be an irresponsible pet owner. Keep your cool, train your animals, and keep them safe. It is your responsibility. Treat them with dignity and love, and you will get it back in return, ten times over.
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