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Happy Halloween, and Keep your Pets Safe

I want you all to have a Happy Halloween. This is a fun time of the year and you should really enjoy it, especially since it is on a Friday this year. But above all, I want you and your pets to be safe. Remember, as the front door gets opened
repeatedly for trick-or-treaters, this is an opportunity for your dog or cat to escape.

Don’t let this happen! You should confine them to another room with the door closed until all the activities are over, and it is safe for them to come out.

Also, keep all candy out of reach of your pets. Chocolate is toxic to pets, and other candies and wrappers could cause major problems too, and a possible trip to the emergency vet.

Dog owners need to be aware that when they are walking their dogs on Halloween that there will be lots of kids out, dressed in costumes and acting, well, like kids on Halloween. They may want to run up to your dog and can be very loud. And, with them swinging bags of candy and all dressed up in strange clothing, your dogs could be frightened or act out aggressively.

Try to do your dogwalking after all the trick-or-treating dies down. And make sure you and your dog are visible on your walk to others, and to drivers.

Have a great Halloween!

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