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A Reply to Last Month’s Hip Dysplasia Article, From a Reader

Last month’s issue of The Woof Pack Times featured an article on hip dysplasia in dogs, and steps to take to help prevent the disease from occurring in your dog. One of our pet sitting clients and readers replied with an email on the subject. Cathy B. of Union City has two Corgi’s named Jax and Emily, and two Norwich Terriers named Tucker and Paris.

She had a lot of great things to say, and some very good advice for our readers. Cathy does show her dogs, and has a ton of experience working with dogs in and out of the show arena.


Hi Rick,

Good article on hip dysplasia.  I especially liked the part on buying your dog from a reputable breeder.  In my opinion a reputable breeder has been breeding their breed 10-20 years and are actively showing their dogs.  This doesn’t mean the breeder doesn’t sell pet quality dogs, but they are very concerned about breeding the most sound dogs and matching potential clients up to their dogs.  Maybe one of these times you could do an article about backyard breeders.

Just because you have a dog registered with AKC and sort of looks like the dog across the street, doesn’t mean that is a good sound match (medical, aggressive).  The breeding has to be left to the breeders.  There is really not much money on breeding dogs.  The cost of breeding dogs can be very expensive.  The breeders do it because they love their breeds and are trying to improve them and breed sound dogs.

By going to a reputable breeder the client knows they are getting the most sound dog they can buy. The breeder will interview the client and have them sign a contract.  This is to protect the breeder and the client.  If anything is wrong with the puppy it can be returned for either your money back or a different puppy.

Nothing is more heart breaking then buying a puppy from a backyard breeder that is thinking they are making a killing on selling puppies, just to find out that your puppy comes up with hip dysplasia, or worse, after you have had your puppy for 6 months or better.  How do you give up your puppy or how do you afford to help the puppy medically.  Especially after you have paid out a lot of money for what you thought was a sound puppy.

Now that is not to say that you have done all of the above and the puppy comes up lame or worse. Anything can happen. But you want to have the best possible dog you can purchase. My advice is that if a client is looking for a particular breed that they read up on the breed and go to dog shows to talk to the breeders of that breed.  They may find out that what they want will not mesh with their life styles.

One of the best shows each year to go to that has breeders that cater to the public is the San Francisco Dog Show at the Cow Palace.  It is a two day show and is always the first weekend of February.  It is the 2nd largest in the US.   We have to what you call bench our dogs for two days. We are there to talk to the public about our breeds specifically.

Cathy B.”


I love it when readers of our newsletters help to educate other pet owners out there. Cathy had a great idea to write on backyard breeders. I ran out of time for this month’s issue, but look for that article in upcoming newsletters.

Great job Cathy, and Thanks!

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